YOUR SELECTION : BLX 10 boom barrier

BLX 10 is a long-reach barrier designed for HGV traffic and wide entrances. It can resist extreme conditions such as 160 kph winds and the terminal housing can rotate in the event of impact. The BLX 10 boom barrier is pre-assembled and factory-tested before shipment, making it quick and easy to install (accessories and options included). With 3 million cycles between failures guaranteed, maintenance is reduced to a minimum and its standard components are easy to source. BLX 10 is available in 7 opening widths and comes with a wide range of options and accessories for a custom-built solution. For greater safety, the boom has been designed as a single unit with no bracing wires and a 140 mm diameter highly resistant to impact for barring HGV traffic. The BLX 10 barrier is manufactured in France from steel plate with electrophoretic coating that gives it a top quality finish.

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