All of our anti-corrosion guarantees are automatic from the date of shipment. No written request or assessment is needed.


garantie 10 anti-corrosion

10 year anti-corrosion guarantee regardless of the environment.
High adherence plastic coating by fluidisation technology (PVC coating) guarantees excellent corrosion resistance regardless of the installation area.


Installed in moderately polluted areas

5 or 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee, depending on product (see table)

Relevant areas according to standard ISO EN 12944-2:

Category Typical environments in
a temperate climate
C1 very low Interior applications only
C2 low Atmospheres with low pollution levels – Rural areas
C3 medium Urban and industrial atmospheres with moderate pollution

Installed in heavily polluted areas and coastal areas and communities

option PROTECT +

With the « PROTECT + », option, depending on the product DIRICKX offers a 5 or 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee in even the most corrosive areas.

Relevant areas according to standard ISO EN 12944-2:

Category Typical environments in a temperate climate Distance between the
products and the sea
Duration of PROTECT
+ guarantee
C4 high Industrial atmospheres with high
sulphur dioxide pollution or coastal communities
Up to 3 km 10 years
C5 very high Aggressive industrial
atmospheres (e.g. chemical industries) or atmospheres in coastal or maritime areas
Between 500 m and 3 km 10 years
more than 500 m 10 years for fences
5 years for gates*
*Guarantee extension subject to assessment

the « PROTECT + » finish uses techniques that guarantee optimum coating adhesion.
Gates coated with the "PROTECT +" finish are shipped with accessories appropriate for corrosive environments.

5 colours are available: :
Green 6005 - White 9010 (for fencing)/ White 9016 (for gates) - Grey 7016 - Grey 7035 - Black 9005

For aluminium products

Installed in any area

10 year anti-corrosion guarantee and 15 year coating guarantee for aluminium products installed in any area. Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion and particularly recommended for industrial and maritime environments.

Which guarantees for which products?

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